16mm old home movies transferred to DVD or USB.16MM Film to DVD

  • We re-master your old 16mm films into an archival digital format
  • Using led technology, our state-of-the-are equipment captures the images of your old films, which translates into a better-finished product
  • We use pro archival DVD’s that ensures a perfect playback experience
  • Each transfer is handled and overseen by a technician who controls and monitors the entire process
  • Care is given to preserve your treasured memories, using our on-site editing and production suites
  • Film will inevitably deteriorate over time so don’t put this off any longer
  • Channel one media recognize the importance of your family’s history and the remarkable role that home movies have played in the lives of our clients!
  • We’ve heard some awful stories of some companies sending out their transfers to other states and even other countries!! Nothing leaves our company.
  • The DVD’s we produce become points of reference for generations and are passed down as valued treasures
  • One of questions people are anxious about before transferring is getting their film in the correct chronological order, if the date and event are not written on the reels. This is not a challenge for channel one media. We offer editing options.
  • Bring your past in the digital “reel” world! Media Transfer is very important to us.
  • Creating a memory for the ages, if it’s one copy or one hundred copies we can fulfill the project in a timely fashion. Let us know when your deadline is and we will have the project ready!
  • Having others refer our company is a testament to our work and standards.
  • Families, Schools, Historical Societies, Community Groups, Sports Teams have all used our services to take the memories to future generations. 8mm & 16mm media transfer is brought to us daily.
  • Be it a small project or a very large project, we have seen hundreds come in through our studio. Customer service is very important to us, making the client happy and seeing them later with a story of the work is what makes us smile.

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We transfer old 8mm & 16mm Movies, Photos, Slides and VHS Tapes to DVD. We also offer, Photo Booth Rentals, Photography & Video Services including: Aerial drone footage.
Our one of a kind Legacy Films, are a must for every family.
You can have us just produce small elements of your project or return the whole thing over to our creative staff.  Either way we use the best equipment and the best staff to help you make memories that will last a lifetime!.

Today’s technologies allow you to experience your family’s memories in a unique and exciting way.
With all of the new personal devices like, mobile device, smart phone, and personal computers
You’ll enjoy reliving your memories …it’s just a simple click away.

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